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Renting in Rotterdam and surroundings
Are you looking for an apartment, house, studio or student room? Rotterdam Wonen
can help you with your search for a suitable living space. We always have a spacious selection of various homes.

Finding a suitable rental property
After you have registered free of charge signed up You can respond to our housing offer via our site. We will then contact you by e-mail or by telephone. We strive to to respond to your application within 2 working days.

Rotterdam Wonen works on a "no cure, no pay" basis, which means that you do not have to pay administration costs, as long as no rental agreement is concluded between the tenant and the landlord. Rotterdam Wonen only acts on behalf of the landlord. Rotterdam Wonen therefore does not mediate on behalf of the home seeker.

Rotterdam Wonen can then help you make the right choice. Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive network, we can provide you with a home very quickly. The majority of our customers are provided with a living space that meets their housing needs within a very short time.

View of the house
If you have found a suitable home, it will be arranged under our supervision rental agent visited. Because Rotterdam Wonen works with flexible/extensive times, the houses can also be viewed in the evening.

Requirements for your income
To rent a home it is necessary that you have a fixed income or when you
are a student and have sufficient income (including an income tax allowance). There is also for
students the possibility that the parents act as guarantors for the duration of the lease
for compliance with rental payments.

Costs in finding a suitable home
If a rental agreement is concluded between you and the landlord, there will be a one-off
administration costs will be charged and a minimum 1 month deposit. The deposit is intended for
the landlord and you will of course get this amount back at the end of the rental period, if
you leave the accommodation as agreed on delivery. The deposit is therefore intended as
guarantee for any damage that the tenant may cause.
The landlord must repay the deposit to the tenant no later than two weeks after the end of the rental period, provided that nothing has to be deducted from the deposit. When set off against the deposit, you will receive the remaining amount back within 30 days after termination of the rental. Rotterdam Wonen collects the first month's rent and the deposit before the commencement date of the rental period on behalf of the landlord and ensures that this is transferred to the account of the landlord. Rotterdam Wonen is not a party to the tenancy agreement and will therefore not manage funds for you.

Sign the rental agreement
When you have chosen a rental property that meets your requirements, the rental agreement will be signed. We therefore ask you to bring the following documents with you:


• A valid identification document: passport, ID card and/or residence permit;
• Copy of employment contract and recent employer's statement;
• An extract from the IB-Groep (if you receive a study grant!);
• Proof of income: salary slips from the past 3 months;
• Copy of bank statement;
• Copy bank card.


• A valid identification document: passport, ID card and/or residence permit;
• Recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce (not older than one month);
• Proof of income: invoices from the past 3 months;
• Copy of annual accounts by an external accountant for the past 3 financial years; 
• Copy of bank statement;
• Copy bank card.

All your rights and obligations are included in the rental agreement. After signing the rental agreement and with full payment, you will receive the key to your home and the agreed rental period will start.

Good Landlordship Act & Regulations