Do you want to buy a home as an investment? Rotterdam Wonen guides you to the right purchase in an expert manner. We are happy to help you with this and show you how you can best make your property profitable with the highest possible return. Purchasing a home is an important decision.

For example, Rotterdam Wonen can help you with:

  • The valuation of the property;
  • Checking the purchase agreement;
  • Purchase support;
  • Conducting the negotiations;
  • Calculating the annual return expectation.

We charge a fixed amount for our services as a purchase broker, instead of a percentage. This will quickly save you thousands of euros!

Why use Rotterdam Wonen when investing in real estate?

Some reasons to call on Rotterdam Wonen:

  • We can help you gain insight into your financial options;
  • We can estimate the right value of the house you are looking for, so that you do not pay too much;
  • We know the (local) housing market;
  • We can help you arrange the business/legal part;
  • We can conduct negotiations for you in an expert manner;
  • We are also there for you AFTER the purchase of an investment property.

Reasons enough to come by for more information or for advice without obligation. Contact us today for an appointment!