Do you have a house for rent in Rotterdam and the surrounding area?
Looking for a tenant or advice about renting out your rental property? Rotterdam Wonen is your experienced partner when it comes to renting out your property! A partner who has been active in Rotterdam and the surrounding area for 17 years.
A partner who works with you in search of a suitable tenant, a tenant who
meets your requirements!
We take great care in drawing up our rental agreements and screening the tenant(s). Relationship satisfaction among our landlords is high. Landlords have been partners for years and continue to let through Rotterdam Wonen.
Are you interested in our services? We are happy to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities of your home.

Offering the house
We visit the house in question to map out the dimensions and properties of the house. Photos are taken of the house and you provide a rental price. Rotterdam Wonen then looks at a suitable rental price in consultation with you. The photos in question will then be placed on our website. In addition, we place your rental property on all major and well-known internet databases for maximum reach!

Finding a suitable tenant
Rotterdam Wonen links the details of your home to the housing wishes of the home seeker. When finding a suitable candidate tenant, we naturally take into account the requirements you set for potential tenants and the requirements that home seekers make of a home. We will introduce interested candidates directly to you on the basis of the information provided by them (copy of a valid proof of identity, payslip and/or employment contract). Ultimately, you decide whether you want to work with the prospective tenant.

View of the house
Rotterdam Wonen invites interested candidates to view the property. After viewing, Rotterdam Wonen will always contact you about the result.

Acceptance and rental agreement
If both parties agree, Rotterdam Wonen will draw up a rental agreement for you and the tenant. The standard information and any special provisions are included in the rental agreement.

Rotterdam Wonen guarantees you the best possible market price when the rental agreement is concluded. To guarantee our existence, we charge a fee for our efforts. We have a clear framework of financial agreements in an agreement and we think it is important that you have a good feeling about the proceeds.